top 15 FOB lines

19 days til fall out boy!! i’ve had a running list in my head of my favorite fob line, so i decided to write them down. i narrowed it down to the top 15, and here they are, in no particular order:

My head’s in heaven, my soles are in hell. Let’s meet in the purgatory of my hips (w.a.m.s.)

Stop burning bridges and drive off of them (Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today)

We’re a bull, and your ears are just a china shop (Hum Hallelujah)

I’ve got a lot of friends who are stars but some are just black holes (27)

My smile’s an open wound without you (Homesick at Spacecamp)

If you are the shores, I am the waves begging for big moons (Get Busy Living Or Get Busy Dying (Do Your PartTo Save The Scene And Stop Going To Shows))

Peroxide princes shine like shark teeth (Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet)

Like a stove, I’ll turn my love down (The (Shipped) Gold Standard)

Don’t feel bad for the suicidal cats. Gotta kill themselves nine times before they get it right (West Coast Smoker)

Stood on my roof and tried to see you forgetting about me (The Pros and Cons of Breathing)

People will dissect us til this doesn’t mean a thing anymore (Take Over the Breaks Over)

I’ll be your best kept secret and your biggest mistake (Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner)

I love you in the same way, there’s a chapel in a hospital (Hum Hallelujah)

I’m just a painter and I’m drawing a blank (Don’t You Know Who I Think I Am?)

Say my name and his in the same breath I dare you to say they taste the same (I Don’t Care)