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HHN Employee Preview

Ok, so my review is going to be quite different from the okdc review, but that’s ok, because mine will be better 🙂

This was my first Employee Preview, and only my second HHN, so it was all pretty new for me. To begin with, I got to ride the new Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit a few hours before the event started, so that was exciting. The ride was awesome, but I tried to enter a secret song, which didn’t play. So I didn’t quite get the full effect, but I am looking forward to trying again this weekend.

On to the main event… Once we were let back in to the park we went straight to Wolfman. We were among the first to go through the house, although we missed most of the scares. The group before us and the group behind us got the scares while we got the resets. But I didn’t mind, it gave me an opportunity to walk through the first house and really check out what was going on around me. I kept turning around to see the scareactors jump out at the girls behind me and laughed as they were getting freaked out.

Next we attempted to go to the Dracula house. After waiting in line for about half an hour, and making it nearly to the house, we saw a girl run by in a panic, and a firetruck pulled up. Then everyone in the house started leaving, and we were all directed to leave the line. Apparently, as Employee Preview Night is a dress rehearsal, they also have to practice fire drills. We found out it would be at least half an hour before the fire marshal might clear the house and allow people back in. So we decided to move on…

We next walked through the Apocalypse Scare Zone. The school bus from last year’s Skoolhouse Scare Zone had run up on the sidewalk and mutilated crash victims wandered the streets among the “carnivorous humanoids” which were prowling the area. We also walked through the Horrorwood Die-In Scare Zone which was made to look like a drive-in movie theater, complete with screen and cars. The scareactors in this area are classic horror movie characters including the girl from The Exorcist, and the villains from The Strangers.

From there we went to the Silver Screams house. The entrance is the ticket booth at the Universal Palace Theater. The first thing I noticed once I entered was the plush, red movie theater carpet. Very nice detail. It really felt as if we were walking through a classic movie theater. Each room of the house was a scene from a different horror film, and a movie poster and small prop announced each film we were about to walk through. This house was very well done, in my opinion, and I am looking forward to visiting it again. I should probably watch, or re-watch some of the movies to really get the most out of the scenes.

After Silver Screams we wandered through Cirque du Freak. I would have liked to gawk at the freaks a bit more, but my group didn’t seem too thrilled with the area. The real highlight there was J Michael Roddy, Creative Director of HHN. He posed for a pic with Chad and Josh before disappearing into the night.

Our 3rd and final house for the night was Leave it to Cleaver. I was a little apprehensive entering this house, I’m not quite sure why. While waiting in line we were entertained by a series of clips advertising Meetz Meats, the butcher shop we were about to enter. Throughout the ads were single frame images of chopped up body parts, some animal, some human. Yummy. We learned in the ads that the “z” in “Meetz” stands for Quality, Fresh and Value. We also learned from Meetz himself that the “z” stands for Cannibal. This house had what I believe to be the most detail of the 3 houses we saw that night. I am looking forward to seeing more and more of the details with each trip through this house. After going through the slaughter rooms, and passing the prisoners waiting to be butchered, we finally enter the actual butcher shop. I really felt like I was standing in the butcher shop my mom used to take me to when I was a kid. Little did I knew what was hiding in the back. There were no scares in this room, surprising for as large a room as it was. But Samuel Meetz (hey, wasn’t Sam the Butcher the name of Alice’s boyfriend in The Brady Bunch) was there to greet us, as we exited through the storefront.

By the time we finished Leave it to Cleaver, it was nearly time for the evening’s final showing of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure, a must see. I’ll leave the spoiler’s for a later review, but I will say it was an “excellent” way to end the night (was that too cheesy? Nevermind, I don’t care).

Overall, I had a great night, and am really excited to see the rest of the houses this weekend. I am also very proud of myself, I didn’t scream at all, and I only jumped one and a half times 🙂

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